My Birthday!!!!

2013-07-14 07:49:11 by black702

Gimme cake!!

New art!!!!

2013-07-09 10:55:21 by black702

Check it out!


2013-06-11 12:42:19 by black702

a little test i made.... 4ea378864379ff2eb8324762ead2


2013-06-11 07:47:49 by black702

I got my movie uploaded!!


2013-06-10 00:48:57 by black702
Updated working on a animation thanks to rioRio1 for teaching it should be ready today.. maybe. But its very short... GODDANGIT it says i cant upload it my movie is .fla it only accetps .swf what should i do?


2013-06-07 01:12:24 by black702

One day i will become good animator, even i dont know how to animate..